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I have my MS in nutrition, I'm finishing my dietetic internship to get my registered dietitian's license and I will admit, while skeptical, my own research and studies that I have read over and over on IF and the positive health effects — this book is the best summary. Everything he is saying is being more and more backed up by peer reviewed articles, on clinical trials, on double blind studies, the science on this is immense. It is being done on rats, monkeys, and people. It decreases obesity, positively changes metabolic markers and even if you're not doing it for weight loss, the health benefits alone are immense. The science is there, I don't know why more people aren't talking about it!

I was advised to read this book, by a blog I love. The advice to read the book and the advice in the book are TOP notch. I even looked up a lot of the book's references and they checked out. My lifestyle change starts tomorrow.

One of the top 5 books of my life. Positively affected my life — energy, skin, look younger — guys, I’m dancing around with my family joking with them. Never did that. I go all day and have plenty of energy at end of day. Yes I get burnt out, tired, angry and anxious just like every human. But fasting has been my secret weapon that helps me be more patient. Thanks for writing this book it helped me in my life.

Eat Stop Eat changed my life. I love books that go against the common wisdom and can support their argument, and Brad Pilon does so in this book when he asks the question, "What would happen if you skipped a meal every now and then?" The answer is (surprisingly, given common wisdom), that you don't die. In fact, not only does your body have a chance to burn some of the fat it's been storing for just such an occasion, but the research Pilon has uncovered shows a whole bunch of evidence that there may be other, wide-ranging health benefits too, from better performance during workouts for some to better sleep! If you've been trying the "5 or 6 small meals a day" and it's not working, or if you've been trying the "bulking diets" designed to pack on muscle but all you've put on is fat, then this is the book that will finally end the vicious cycle as it did for me, a person who has struggled with their weight all their life. Read the book to find out how to fast for best results.

As a certified fitness trainer and competitive bodybuilder, I’ve read many books on nutrition, weight loss, diet and fasting. In this book, the author provides a common sense and balanced approach, while providing the scientific data to back it, that provides much needed simplicity on a topic that has been muddled with unnecessary complexity. I highly recommend it.