You Just Found a New Discovery That
Is Triggering Permanent Death Of Fat Cells
WITHOUT Diet Or Exercise

Fig 1: 12 Week Intervention Without Diet Or Exercise

This Simple Method Permanently Kills & Flushes Away Self-Esteem Destroying and Health-Harming Surplus Fat Cells, Even While Watching TV

28 November 2021
From the Blog of Bestselling Health Author Brad Pilon:

How To Guarantee Permanent & Irreversible Fat Reduction WITHOUT Diet or Exercise

I’ve always wondered why it takes so long to lose weight, and yet I can gain it all back in a single weekend…

I was amazed when I found out why this happened, and I was even more amazed when I discovered that there was a simple solution…

It turns out… the dirty secret is that “losing weight” does not reduce the number of fat cells we have! (I’ll explain this in just a second)

When we lose weight what we’re really doing is “draining” our fat cells, like letting the air out of a balloon. And then all those cells sit inside our bodies like dry sponges, starving and just begging to be filled up again.

Worse… when a person becomes overweight and fills up their fat cells… they actually hit a size-limit which sends signals to their body to produce MORE fat cells — so they end up with more and more fat cells begging to be filled.

Yes, this means if you’ve ever been overweight, there’s a good chance you have MORE fat cells than your friend who has always been lean.

The Hungry Fat Cell “Snowball Effect”

First let’s quickly talk about your fat cells and how they work. The technical term for them is Adipocytes, and you can think of them as containers that you store energy in.

One of the things your body does exceptionally well is store some of that energy in the form of fats that are referred to as “triglycerides.” Those triglycerides get stuffed into your fat cells for later use.

This is normal and Healthy.

Your fat cells store and release Triglycerides constantly throughout the day. Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, it’s not a fixed process, but rather something that happens fluidly all day long.

However, under certain metabolic conditions you can start to store consistently more fat cells than you are releasing.

This makes your fat cells grow. We call this hypertrophy.

In the very short term this is totally ok. Yet if it goes on too long you run into the curse of every man or woman who has ever been overweight…

This Curse Of Everyone Who Has Ever Been Overweight

As we have already discussed, your fat cells can increase in size (called hypertrophy).

However what happens next is what makes it seem almost impossible to permanently lose fat from your stomach, thighs, butt or any other “stubborn” bodypart…

You see, when your body detects that your existing fat cells are nearly full, it sends out signals for you to create NEW fat cells. This is called fat cell hyperplasia. And it’s truly the curse of any woman or man who has ever gained a lot of weight.

As a result you always have MORE fat cells than before you gained weight, even if you lose the weight later

That means that everyone who is now or ever has been overweight, is cursed with MORE FAT CELLS than people who have never been overweight.

And to add insult to injury… when you manage to drain your extra fat cells… these shrunken fat cells continually cry out to your body to be refilled. Which means you’re hungry all the time and constantly fight with cravings!

Which is why you suffer “rebound weight gain” and can NEVER seem to keep the weight off easily and permanently. (Until now… which I’ll explain in a minute. First a warning…)

Warning: You May Have Suffered Permanent Dieting Damage

Listen: I need to tell you right now that if you’ve lost weight and regained it all. Or if you’ve struggled to get rid of stubborn fat that never budges. It’s simply not your fault.

I’ve seen this so many times it makes me want to rip my hair out. Yet the truth is that most popular diet programs are designed to make you feel like they are working by allowing you to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time. What they don’t tell you is that once you stop the diet, 9 out of 10 people will suffer a slingshot effect.

Because the weight came off so quickly, certain changes happen to your metabolism. Long story short… you’re hungry as heck and your body is PRIMED to overfeed and store those calories as quickly as possible in your fat cells.

Which is why most folks who lose a bunch of weight on a popular diet end up gaining back MORE fat than they lost in the first place. And…

The end result is EVEN MORE fat cell hyperplasiayou end up with more fat cells than you had when you started. Repeat this process enough times and it just gets harder and harder to lose weight and keep it off.

Until recently this would have made me think the idea of losing weight permanently was hopeless. And I would have told you you’re just cursed to work harder and deprive yourself more and more of the pleasures of good food. However…

Recently revealed scientific research going all the way back to the 1970s is allowing folks to actually reverse the damage by literally KILLING off fat cells naturally and effortlessly…

Set Your Fat Cells To Self-Destruct:
Introducing the ONLY SAFE Way To Destroy & Flush Away Adipocytes From
Your Body For Permanent And Irreversible Fat Cell Removal

Listen: Making weight loss irreversible is a 2 step process:

First, you have to empty your existing fat cells and shrink them down. However, that’s not permanent fat loss. For fat loss to be permanent you need step two — kill off those extra fat cells.

After years of agonizing over this essential piece of the weight loss puzzle, I finally stumbled on the solution to actually killing fat cells and flushing them from your body…

The fancy science name is “Apoptosis”… It basically means “cell death” and that’s what you’ll be doing — laser targeting and killing off those unwanted fat cells. And it finally allows you to achieve the irreversible weight loss you desire and deserve.

I was shocked to discover the scientific knowledge to kill fat cells has been around and ignored since the 70’s! It’s based on a shocking discovery made in 1970 by Drs Epstein and Oren while examining a 6 month old child who had a strange reaction to a popsicle…

And even though it’s incredibly effective, only a small sliver of the medical community has taken advantage of this research since then. One exception is an underground US Patent holder that has been sneakily helping over 5 million people to quietly flush away their excess fat cells since 2008.

So why haven’t you heard about it? Because it’s something only the wealthy could afford. Starting at almost $1000 and ranging into several thousands… it just hasn’t been accessible for regular folks like you and me. However…

The Permanent Weight Loss Secrets Of The Wealthy Are Now
Available AND Affordable

Imagine, without diet and exercise, being able to:

And best of all I discovered how you can get close to the same results using simple methods that you just add to your daily routine, that cost you next to nothing!

Revealing The Fat Cell Killer System:
The World's First & Only Science-Based
Protocols That Target & Kill Fat Cells To
Smooth Your Trouble Spots,
Eliminate Food Cravings & Provide
Truly Permanent Fat Reduction

WITHOUT: Diet or Exercise!

Now, I confess that permanent weight loss WITHOUT diet and exercise is controversial, AND that it will take up to 12 weeks to make your weight loss irreversible. It takes that long to run through the lifecycle of the fat cells and insure they are killed off completely.

Yet in the long run… 12 weeks is a tiny investment to finally eliminate your most stubborn, hard to lose fat like your love handles.

In fact, you can see below the results from a very, very interesting case study published in 2013. The man in the photo below had ONE love handle exposed to techniques designed to cause fat cell apoptosis. Two years later, the treated love handle was still visibly smaller than the non-treated love handle!

To eliminate the chance of rebound weight gain and double — or even triple — the visual results of your weight loss, simply use the button below to get immediate access to my latest book, Fat Cell Killer.

Listen: Like I said earlier, when you lose weight you shrink your fat cells, but you don’t LOSE fat cells.

The fat cells shrink, but they don’t go away, so your problem areas will ALWAYS be your problem areas.

Shedding fat cells, especially through TARGETED killing of fat cells has the potential to permanently smooth out stubborn fat areas like your love handles.

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What Does It Look Like To
Kill Off Your Fat Cells Permanently?

Are you curious about what it LOOKS LIKE to kill excess fat cells without actually “burning” any fat? Here are some examples of “Apoptosis” in action…

These are actual real world examples of the visual difference that apoptosis makes by destroying and flushing away excess fat cells. what’s more, many of the images I have shown you of Apoptosis induced Fat Reduction are from subjects in published peer-reviewed clinical trials.*

However, while apoptosis can create stunning visual changes in the shape of your body fat…

Remember: The faster you empty and shrink your fat cells, the more quickly you’ll be able to trigger the death and removal of your fat cells. Which is why I also want to give you two free gifts today to make your transformation very fast and very simple.

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Simply plug in a few pieces of information about your weight, height, activity levels, etc and I’ll tell you exactly what you should be eating to lose weight as quickly as possible without dipping into the diet danger zone.

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One low-stress way to do that is using this specific method of simple 7-Minute cardio routines you can do whenever you have the time. They’re specifically designed for women and men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to double fat burning without stressing your joints or putting wear and tear on your body.

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You may wonder how I can make such a strong promise and guarantee — it’s because I’ve seen these protocols work time and again and the evidence is overwhelming that it will work just as well for you too.

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Now: Just Ask Yourself This One Simple Question

There’s a super simple way to know if the Fat Cell Killer system is for you.

Ask yourself one question: How many times have you lost weight and gained it all back and more?

If it’s only once or twice, and you really only have around 10 lbs to lose, then you probably have not experienced a lot of hyperplasia and you have a pretty normal number of fat cells. Congrats! You can likely get away with any old conventional weight loss diet.

However, if you’ve lost and gained back weight several times. And if you have more than 10 lbs to lose. You have probably suffered a lot of hyperplasia and you are now cursed with more than your fair share of fat cells.

Because you have more fat cells now, losing weight is much, much harder AND keeping it off requires way more work than it used to.

Which means every time you gain back the weight, next time you will need MORE discipline to lose it again. I hope you can see that it’s a losing battle.

It does not have to be like that though…

Your Age Does NOT Make It Harder To Lose Weight

If you’re like most folks you might think that losing weight just gets harder as you get older.

However as we’ve seen it’s NOT because you’re getting older. It’s because you have accumulated more and more fat cells over the course of your life.

The more times you go through the cycle of losing and gaining back weight. And the higher the scale creeps each time. The more difficult it gets to lose weight.

Which means as time goes by weight loss gets harder — not because you are older but because over the years you have accumulated thousands of extra, unnatural and unhealthy fat cells.

This may sound depressing, yet it should actually make you really, really HAPPY because…

Turn Back The Clock: Erase Middle Age POT Belly
And Make Losing Fat EASY At Any Age

Just think about it. Whether you’re 27 or 77…

Also since new fat cells like to gather in pockets, it would mean fewer rolls and bulges weighing down your body and your self esteem…


The bottom line is this. Shrinking and then destroying excess fat cells is the ONLY way to lock in permanent fat loss and effortless weight management for life.

No matter how old you are, you can do this. It doesn’t require any special dieting or exercise.

And if you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s even MORE important for you to take back control of your body fat so you can manage your weight EASILY again!

All you have to do is decide to take back control today. If you want to return your body to a natural balance where you have just enough fat cells to maintain a healthy and normal metabolism then the choice is so, so simple.

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About The Author

Hi, my name is Brad Pilon.

You could say my claim to fame is my first bestselling book, Eat Stop Eat. Yet my fascination with health and nutrition started many years before.

When I was just 14 — when other Canadian kids my age were playing hockey — I had a subscription to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. And by age 16 I was selling supplements to all the local bodybuilders.

I graduated University with honors in Applied Human Nutrition.

My first Job out of University was at one of the top supplement companies IN THE WORLD where I worked my way up to Research & Development Manager. I got to travel all over the world meeting with leading nutrition researchers. Not only was I attending major scientific conferences, I was hosting them!

I sat with top executives from multi-national food ingredient companies. I had an unbelievable amount of access into the scientific world of health and fitness. I had meetings with Mr. Olympia champions, dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger and workouts with 400 pound strongman competitors.

It was really terrific. But I knew there was more! I knew there were answers I still needed. Answer we all needed. Because I could see so many people suffering with weight problems.

So I left a great, great job and went back to school for post-grad studies. Long story short; I discovered that a lot of things I believed to be true were false. AND I discovered that a lot of what I thought to be false was true.

And ever since then I spent my time searching. My passion is discovering what makes your body and my body tick. What makes you lose weight or gain it back. What makes you strong or weak.

And I’m very grateful, very thankful for my single-minded need to make sense of how the body works. Because finally in the last 18 months I’ve chased down the trail that has lead me at last to understand and solve the tragedy of Rebound Weight Gain. As you read in this letter the key to this frustrating epidemic is something we’ve known about and ignored for decades. And I’m so excited that I can finally share the science and the solution with you now!

Your friend and advocate,

Brad Pilon

*Many of the Images I have shown you of Apoptosis induced Fat Reduction are from subjects in published peer-reviewed clinical trials including the following Boisnic S, 2014; Duncan DI, 2016 and Bernstein, EF, 2013.