“It is Critical To Your Health That You Manage Stress and
Anxiety During The Evolving Crisis…”

Astonishing Little Organic Pill Provides a
44% Reduction in Your “Stress Scale” Score

One 20-Second Daily Ritual Provides
44% reduction in your perceived Stress Scale score
27.9% reduction in your stress hormone cortisol
Shortened time for you to fall asleep
Better score on your standardized Sleep Efficiency scale…
Higher reported Sleep Quality score…
Plus… statistically faster weight loss
And… a healthy hormone balance

I don’t have to tell you we are living in strange times…

Of course some are being hit harder than others. And I hope you and your family are safe and secure…

But in the middle of all these job losses, financial stress, economic uncertainty, social distancing, and worry over the ability to even get access to basics like groceries and toilet paper…

It’s no wonder we’re seeing record levels of anxiety and distress…

So many people are telling me about waking up in the middle of the night, heart racing, cold sweats, wondering if they’ll be able to carry their mortgage or even buy food.

It’s understandable. Normal even. Yet it’s super important to do what you can to manage your stress.

Because if you don’t, it can take a terrible toll on your health. And the last thing you need right now is to add health complications into the mix.

I won’t pretend to be the expert on stress reduction. There are countless high quality articles you can find on the internet to help you cope in these difficult times…

However, I feel obligated to share something I consider to be my secret weapon when it comes to dealing with anxiety, stress, sleep issues, even weight loss and overall health…

It’s a potent solution to stress that I stumbled on almost by accident.

You see, as the author of the best selling intermittent fasting book Eat Stop Eat, I’m constantly on the lookout for little ways to make this weight loss lifestyle work even better, faster and easier.

And on that journey I stumbled on something very special. It’s a terrific little plant that’s been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine around the world.

And it ended up being like a “spark” that accelerates the weight loss benefits of Eat Stop Eat…

Yet I soon discovered it is a potent tool to manage anxiety, improve sleep and reduce stress…

Nature Provides The Perfect Antidote To
These Stressful Times

It’s completely natural and it’s something called an “adaptogen” which means it actually works with your body to bring it into balance… giving you what you need when you need it.

There’s one specific form of this astonishing plant extract that has been thoroughly tested and researched. It’s called Ashwagandha KSM-66.

And as I scoured through the studies, they all lead me to the undeniable conclusion that this would be the perfect solution to accelerate the results that Eat Stop Eat creates inside your body.

However it also became crystal clear that nature had provided us with the perfect solution to combat stress, anxiety and sleep problems…

So I started testing it on myself, and I was
shocked at how well it worked.

Then I rolled it out to friends and family.

And finally I asked Eat Stop Eat customers to give it a try.

The conclusion is beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This astonishing little organic plant — refined into a very specific extract and delivered in the form of a pill — dramatically improved the mood, sleep and overall feelings of well-being for all the folks who tested it for me.

The scientific research on how well it reduces stress was already clear, yet I needed that first hand confirmation before I really felt comfortable recommending this amazing little plant extract.

Here’s why it works so well…

Have you ever heard of a hormone called Cortisol?

It’s sometimes called your “stress hormone”… which might sound bad.

However it’s also a key weight loss hormone. Cortisol has the job of getting fat out of your cells so you can burn it for energy.

And one of the reasons Eat Stop Eat works so well is that it gives your cortisol a nice boost so it can do its job faster and easier.

However during times of crisis, cortisol can get out of control…

And if cortisol gets out of hand, it can cause some big problems including…

  • Increased restlessness

  • Feelings of anxiety

  • Trouble getting to sleep

  • Increased hunger leading to weight gain

  • Cravings that derail healthy eating

  • And less restful sleep

Which is why Ashwaghanda KSM-66 is so terrific…

Balance Your Cortisol To Soothe Your Anxiety While You Sleep Like A Baby And Enjoy The Calm Serenity Of H-66

Once I made sure that what I was reading in the research about this amazing little plant extract actually worked on real-life Eat Stop Eat customers, I knew I had something very special.

By simply taking 1 capsule at noon and another in the evening, Eat Stop Eat users reported noticeable benefits above and beyond Eat Stop Eat alone…

Cravings and hunger practically disappear. Weight loss increases in a measurable way. Stress is reduced. And sleep quality goes through the roof.

Yet that was just the beginning…

Because I knew that before I made it available to folks like you who are looking for an edge to get easier, better and faster results, I had to make sure of a few things…

One, I had to find a genuine, verified source of the exact KSM-66 variant. Because there are a lot of phoney knockoffs out there.

Two, the source had to be organic and thoroughly tested to be free of any contaminants.

And three, I had to commit to securing enough supply to negotiate the price down to something I’d be comfortable offering to new customers like you.

And I’m happy to say that we’ve succeeded and we’re proud to introduce…


Hormone Support Formula

Our hormone support formula is designed specifically to:

Sleep benefits include…

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety…

Weight management and weight loss benefits…

As you can see, the benefits associated with this 20 second daily ritual are quite amazing.

By now you know I first developed H-66 to help my Eat Stop Eat customers lose weight more quickly…

Yet in these strange times I feel obligated to highlight the astonish anxiety management benefits provided by H-66…

And because I want to make it easy for everyone who needs this right now to say “yes” to giving it a try…

From now until the end of the current crisis, we’re going to be offering H-66 at the lowest possible price we can manage…

I already mentioned that we did everything we could to get the very best price on our supply of ingredients.

Which means we were able to bring our regular price per bottle all the way down to just $49 for this high quality final product.

However, because we must face this crisis together, we’re making you a one-time offer today that makes it an easy decision to add H-66 to your order.

Today only you can get your hands on H-66 for as low as $15 a bottle, or just 50 cents a day!

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And remember, your purchase is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, even on an empty bottle… The last thing we want is to add more stress right now, so you can feel confident giving H-66 a try risk free…


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